IJMER : Download Online CertificatesVolume-9 ~ Issue-1 ~ January-2019

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1 Regulation of Interconnection Rates For Telecommunications Networks in Cote D'ivoire At The Beginning of the Years 2000
2 Optimal Conditionsof Enzymatic Treatment for Improvement of Total Soluble Solids Extraction and Antioxidant Capacity of Coffee Bean
3 Development of a wireless temperature measurement board for surface-temperature measurement, even for non-flat surfaces - Feasibility study -
4 The Study of Image Classification using Machine Learning
5 A Comparative study On Gesture control voice command Over Android Device
6 The Visualization of the Dimensions of Interior Spaces of the Sudanese Architecture
7 A Tree-Ring Reconstruction of Precipitation for the Tennessee Valley
8 Soil stabilization with Flyash and SoybeanWaste Ash – Improvements in Engineering Characteristics
9 Soil Stabilization with Flyash and PotatoWaste Ash – Optimization